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Why IP Vaastu & Pyramid Vaastu

Why Ipvaastu / Pyramid Vaastu
With so many vaastu shastra consultants in the field what is it that one thing that sets  IPVaastu  apart from others in the field??

Its the foresightedness and wilingness of its founder Ar Mala Dwivedi to look into modern practices and methods to carve a harmonal and peaceful balance between mankind and nature and harness maximum profit for 'YOU and YOURS'

The few principles which sets  IPVaastu  as an eminent player in this field are :-

  • A systematic and scientific approach to look at a problem and offer solutions likewise.
  • Correcting the major vastu faults with NO demolition rates.
  • Aspiration to achieve hundred percent precision levels so the symptoms do match completely with the problems.
  • With clients all over world, the company focusses on accurate diagnosis.
  • Maximum usage of colors, various shapes and metals to good effects to solve the vastu problems.
  • Use of Lecher Antennae, ACMOS (Paris)to diagnose subtle energies through their wavelengths in the nature.
  • Use of GEO SCANNER to detect the geo energies below the earth, which today is the root cause of all our problems.
  • Use of RFI for the aura scanning of the person and the place.

What is Vastu Shastra?
Vastu Shastra  originated over 5,000 years ago from the ancient sacred Hindu texts known collectively as the Sthapatya Vedas.

Universe is one of the beautiful creations of nature and everything stands alive only in the limelight of truth. Just like every subject of human aspect is governed with rules, regulations & acts, similarly the nature has also got certain key factor principles for smooth governing of its residents, in which  "Vastu stands for nature law"  and ignorance of law is not an excuse anywhere.

Vastu is a science that provides a set of principles for the construction, layout and interior design of houses, temples and even whole cities. Vastu works to establish harmony between body, mind and universe by creating living spaces that are similarly attuned with the cosmic balance and are orientated according to the movement of the sun and moon, the electromagnetic field of the earth, the five elements and the astrological influence of the planets.

It is based on five elements water, fire, earth, air and space. Same five elements are found in our body and universe. Even science accepts these five elements in nature and in our body. So, Vaastu is optimum balance of five elements. In a practical scenario, we can say that  Vaastu Shastra  is the perfect combination of science, art, astronomy and astrology which is used for designing and building.

Every creature in this world aspires to have a place that they call their own.....  a place that they call HOME... Why not make an effort to make this place in such a fashion where you can enjoy all the luxuries and happiness of this world.

In doing Vastu of any place, home, building, factory, land or plot we try to harmonize the place with respect to the five basic elements called as  Panchbhoota  namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space.

Pyramids in Vaastu
How is Vastu Shastra pyramid used? - Vastu Shastra  for home bring  Vastu  Tips about placement of  pyramid  .   It will always amplify energy.  Pyramid  can be used in the house in the North, North North East, North-East,East North East, East and West, North West and North North West zones.

Placing  pyramids  is an  effective  and pocket-friendly way is good for curbing all the  vastu  defects of a house or a building without demolition. These are installed in the strategic location in the house such as the centre of the house, a specific room which is not located as per the basic guidelines of principles of vaastu.

Pyramid  has great significance in  Vastu  . The  pyramid  is considered to be a structure which acts as a receiver of cosmic energy from the universe and amplifies the energy of that area to 108 times, and in a way, negative energy will not be able to stay there. It promotes self-healing and helps in meditation as well.

Use of Pyramids in Vastu
The positive energy that is created as a result of the shape and geometry of Pyramids makes it a powerful source to be used in various sectors including Vastu Shastra.The angle of the pyramid plays an important role to curb the negative energy, otherwise if angles is not perfect, it wont work on energies, but remains merely a showpiece.

Using pyramids in vaastu helps to create positive cosmic energy. They also facilitate the flow of energy. The pyramids are highly recommended to increase the flow of positive energy in places where the aura is too low or houses which are too dull.

  • There are types of pyramids available with us with different uses. By examing the plan of your property or open plot, we can suggest the type of pyramid used there. It depends on the
  • Size of property
  • Type of property
  • Defects in the property like wrong placements of rooms, boring, underground tanks etc.
  • Whether commercial or residential
  • Shape of the open plot can be corrected by installing pyramids below grounds etc.

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